Finally, an easy way to teach, train & coach people (@ scale) via text

No more complicated software, apps to download, or participants to bore
Content-heavy curriculums are boring (that's why people quit them)
Lengthy, overly-polished videos don't engage people anymore
The market doesn't need more information-only products
Get your own private, distraction-free training phone #
Create new & actionable learning opportunities in minutes
Invite your audience to text that number and see your menu
Warm up leads automatically through free, self-paced courses
Engage, next sell, and up-sell easily from the back end
Scale your expertise, your offers, and your brand 24/7
Create a truly unique offer for the marketplace
Promote your phone # training menu as a CTA everywhere
They don't want to watch boring, lengthy training videos
That's why they fake it, skip through, or cheat the process entirely
Without active, stimulating, and practical training, they won't engage
Get your own training phone # to send to employees
Invite them to text #menu to the number
It will feel like they are having a one on one conversation w/ you
On-board new employees instantly
Train them core, hard and soft skills needed for the job
Update them and teach new things in perpetuity, quickly
Make compliance training more fun, memorable, and effective
Give them an easy way to stay engaged with you at scale
Students listen and learn during classes (online or off), but then what?
You have no easy way (or no time) to mentor each student one on one
So there's a gap between what they learn and how they apply it
Fill that gap w/ actionable content and exercises
Get a private, distraction-free, and secure teaching phone #
Invite your students to text #menu to that number
They will see a teaching menu filled w/ opportunities
They can take action on their own, automatically, 24/7
It gives your audience a 3rd space between you and their homework
It will create a stronger, remote connection that feels unique
And it will make them more skilled and more satisfied
Facebook groups and other forum-based community tools are noise
They're just people sharing opinions that distract & spam your audience
There's no simple way to moderate, engage, and promote without stress
Get a private, distraction-free, phone #
Invite your audience to text that # to join
Share news, messages, and updates w/ them regularly
Create new learning, training, and engaging opportunities in minutes
All they have to do is text #menu to your number to see what's live
Only you can see the activity that happens, so there's no noise
Then you choose what to share with your community
They feel a one on one connection and see other people, too
People don't have the time or focus to watch hour-long training videos
Even if they paid attention 100% of the time, they won't develop skill
Information alone isn't enough to train a group of people effectively
Get your own private, secure, campaign training phone #
Invite your team, your volunteers, and any leads to text your #
On-board new volunteers instantly & automatically
Keep your current volunteers engaged & informed
Walk your campaign through mock situations
Create a one on one relationship with every team member
Get instant engagement and scale your influence
Adjust, pivot, and grow your team as necessary via text