Everyone else is competing for
their attention, too

DOHQ helps leaders attract their audience online with a private digital headquarters that on-boards, trains, and retains the attention of distracted people everywhere

Social Media

Everybody there wants their attention; if you want them to focus on you, you want them off social media

Courseware & LMS

90% of online courses aren't even completed; if you want to their attention, they need somewhere else to go

Community Software

It's a 1,000 person group chat; they're spammy, filled with misinformation, and take attention away from you











Online and offline

Send people here as a CTA after everything

Keep sending them here. It act as your 24/7 marketing machine. Use it to warm people up, win them over, and earn their trust though repeated exposure to you over time.

easy to use
like a microwave

pretty to look at
like a tv

like Netflix

not over-complex
like a cockpit

not ugly
like a 90’s website

not boring
like school

Get real about your skills

Whether you need to communicate more effectively, create more compelling content, or inspire more action from your audience, we can help.

Challenge yourself daily

We present fun and exciting learning opportunities on a regular basis to help you get out of your comfort zone and attract more attention.

Take action with us

Inside we take action right beside you, whether you're still starting from scratch or already on your way up, you won't ever by stuck by yourself.
Case Study: Anthony Vella

Using DOHQ to attract and train copywriters

Anthony wrote the copy on this page.
See his DOHQ →
Case Study: Jack Zerby

Using DOHQ to help clients cut their software costs in half

Jack helps software-novices build faster, better, more attractive software up to 80% off the agency costs. He did it with DOHQ.
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