Engage Your Tribe To Sell More Online Courses

(Or They Will Get Bored And Not Buy)
Engage Your Tribe To Sell More Online Courses

If you want to sell more courses online, isn’t this exactly how they tell you to do it?

Step 1: Do your research, find an interesting topic or unmet need

Step 2: Film tens if not hundreds of hours of video content (for your video based course) talking and teaching your audience about that topic

Step 3: Put your videos into courseware then promote it

Step 4: Profit

While this may work for teachers, trainers, and consultants who already have a notable presence online, hungry fans, and savvy internet marketing skills … it doesn’t work for people who are starting with little to nothing except an idea or a desire to teach online.


For 3 very specific reasons. 

First, this isn’t teaching. It’s just filming videos and sharing them with people. Why wouldn’t you just do this on YouTube? 

It’s hard to sell courses because the offer is to buy videos instead of an engaging learning experience they can’t get anywhere else. 

Imagine you wanted to learn how to create your first short film. Would you rather spend $500 dollars on 100 videos telling you “how to create your first short film.” Or would you rather spend $500 dollars on actually filming your first short film side by side an experienced teacher?

One is lame and hard to sell.

The other would be hard to ignore.

The second reason it’s hard for most people to sell courses is because they don’t realize there’s something missing between Step 3 and 4 (see above).

It’s engagement.

People need something in between offer and sale.

Imagine how many people see the buy page for a course one time then never come back to see it again (what are the chances everyone wants to buy at first glance?).

If you don’t engage the audience, give them a reason to come back, and retain them, you won’t sell many courses or learning products.

There are so many ways you can engage the audience, but you can’t do it with traditional, passive courseware.

Which brings us to the third reason it’s hard for most people to sell courses. They’re using the wrong software. If the focus is on features and videos and “certificates” and other things that don’t really matter, all of this is going to get in the way of the most important part …

Teaching, engaging, and connecting with people.

You can’t do that with videos or traditional (lonely) online courses, which is why most people report low sales, low completion rates, and low engagement.

You want more revenue, more retention, and higher customer lifetime value?