What Is An ALP?

(An Active Learning Platform)
What Is An ALP?

Where a PLP (passive learning platform) simply hosts content and waits for the participant to sign up, click through, scroll through, or skip through it, an ALP (active learning platform) engages the participant directly in a way that can’t be skipped, cheated, or clicked through.

An action must be taken.

At the end of the lesson, module, or exercise, action is required to move forward. This engages the audience on a deeper level, reinforces the training concepts more significantly, and gives the administrator measurable feedback to helps them educate their audience more effectively.

Who is doing well? Who needs help? How can I address the needs of my audience at large moving forward? What should I create next? With an active learning platform, all these questions become clear. The learning experience is flexible, easy to setup, and quick to manage on the fly.

At least that's the case with DOHQ.

You have all the tools you to engage your audience regularly and quickly (even if you’re on the go), create and promote new learning opportunities in minutes, not months, and make it easy to manage your audience as you grow, whether it’s one person or one million.

Instead of spending weeks or months innovating content then presenting it to the audience (which is what you see coming from every passive learning platform and passive educator), DOHQ gives you the power to engage your audience instantly to deliver a practical learning experience they won't and can't get anywhere else.

Do you want to create a learning experience that feels alive, exciting, and innovative or a learning experience that feels boring, passive, and outdated?