What Is DOHQ?

Welcome To The Most Active Learning Platform On The Planet
What Is DOHQ?

You know why "school sucks," people say it's not practical, and there's a growing skills gap in the global workforce?

Because there's no action.

Our education system, online and off, is passive. It's filled with information, memorization, and regurgitation of key concepts but completely lacks any action, practical application, and real world impact to reinforce those concepts.

The result?

Students are bred to be consumers, not action takers.

Consider how people are trying learn on the internet (through podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos, ebooks, and video-based online courses).

All of these are passive.

All the participant does is click through, scroll through, or listen to the content to consume it.

There's no action, no follow up, no feedback, so there's no engagement, collaboration, or development. The only skill you develop by consuming content... is the ability to consume content.

Imagine a marketing education where you actually created, tested, and improved marketing. Or a cooking education that took you inside the kitchen (not just asked you to watch people cook from your computer screen). Or any kind of education that invited you to participate, not just consume.

That education would attract more participants, train those participants more effectively (and faster), and leave them with a skillset they can actually use in the real world.

An active education is how we evolve.

And DOHQ is the most active learning software on the planet.

It gives you the tools you need to keep your audience engaged, create exciting and practical learning opportunities, and drive participant success through action (all of this in your own marketable, distraction free corner of the internet).

Is it right for you?

That depends on how you answer ... "Now that we have access to Google, limitless information, and an ever growing database of new content ... what are we going to do with it? Sit back and consume it? Or put it into action?"

If you're building a learning business online, trying to train employees more effectively, or trying to create an engaged audience to promote yourself or your cause and you don't start putting your content into action, someone else will soon enough.

Get there first.

Engage your audience with content, train and retain them through action.

Welcome to DOHQ.