What Is An Active Learning Platform?

Where a PLP (passive learning platform) simply hosts content and waits for the participant to engage by clicking through it, an ALP (active learning platform) engages the participant directly in a way that can’t be skipped, cheated, or clicked through.

At least that’s what DOHQ does.

Instead of spending weeks or months creating content then presenting it to the audience as “training” (which is what you see coming from every single passive learning platform), DOHQ allows the admin to engage the audience instantly, create new learning opportunities in a matter of minutes from scratch, and help the audience develop practical skills well before the passive learning platform even publishes the content.

An active learning platform should give you the tools that make it easy to communicate with your audience regularly (even if you’re on the go), make it easy to engage your audience through actionable learning opportunities (that take minutes, not months to create), and make it easy to provide follow up to the audience, whether it’s that’s one person or one million.

An active learning platform should help you do all of this without technical friction, while saving you time and money, all for a better end result (especially less time) than using a passive learning platform to achieve or improve participant success.

At least this is what DOHQ does for you.