What Is DOQH?

DoHQ is the most active learning platform on the planet designed to stimulate and engage the audience, retain more consumer attention, and drive action, results, and participation to fill the missing gap in online (and offline) education. 

What gap?

Now that people have access to Google, getting information from lecture-based classrooms, reused powerpoints, and overpriced textbooks (all of which, btw, are available for free somewhere on the internet), is a waste of time. It’s not the most efficient solution anymore.

We are overwhelmed with information, but we’re missing the action to put the pieces of the bigger picture puzzle together. This is why over 90% of courses that are started online are never even finished. The information just sits there waiting to be clicked through; it’s boring.

This is also why over 80% of people trying to sell courses on the internet can’t generate enough revenue to cover their passive education software expenses. People don’t want more information they can get for free. They want action and opportunity and something to engage with. 

The number one reason companies are ditching their learning software to look for more engaging solutions (especially when training millennials) is because the software isn’t engaging enough!

With the internet, we had an opportunity to make education more accessible, more effective, and more engaging… but that’s not what happened. Software companies tried mimicking the classroom experience and traditional passive learning model instead of seeing the opportunity to innovate, engage at a higher level, and train participants not only much more effectively but more quickly. 

That’s the gap DOHQ fills. 

Inspire your audience through engaging content. 

Train and retain them through action.