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Here's A Taste of What You Can Do With DOHQ

Focus On Inspiring Action

If you focus on engaging and inspiring action from your audience with emails, webinars, and new training opportunities then following up with the results, your marketing will create itself!

The Content Will Write Itself

You'll have content to use for the emails, landing pages, social media posts, and any other marketing avenue. It will be compelling, actionable, and real, not annoying, pushy, or salesly!

Spend Less Time Marketing

Without the need to create "inorganic" marketing , you'll free up your marketing time (and budget), so you can focus on other areas of building your business or enjoying your life.
Stay IN Touch

Email Effortlessly

You need to stay in touch with your audience on a regular basis to succeed, so it shouldn't be dreadful, time consuming, or confusing for you. You shouldn’t need to use any outside applications or complicated software when just need to stay in touch. With our DOHQ email feature, it couldn’t be easier to create and send an email to your audience (or a specific group within your audience) right away.  You can also pre-write emails and schedule them to send in the future. It’s that simple!

If you know you need to email your audience on a more regular basis, but you don't know what to say (or you spend too much time staring at a blank screen), you can access our free email training opportunities inside our DOHQ training platform (*LINK TO SIGN UP?*).
Email your audience instantly
Schedule emails to send later
Get help writing emails with free DOHQ training
Engage Them Regularly

Start Webinars Immediately

In  2 clicks, you can be live broadcasting a class, presentation, or promotion for your learning products and services that will automatically upload to your dashboard with a replay available for your audience. You don't want your audience to have to download anything or get confused. With DOHQ broadcasting software, everything you need is in one convenient place for you and your audience. Pre-recorded videos can also be uploaded from your smartphone or camera.
Start easy to access webinars in 2 clicks
Stream live or upload on your own
Build distraction free content over time
Grow YOur Audience

Invite People Inside With Ease

On any opt-in page, your job is to send a clear message to your audience of what they can expect inside, paint the benefits of joining your learning platform, and give them an easy, clear, and compelling call to action. With DoHQ’s user-friendly interface, you can create these pages in less than 10 minutes. You can use them to target any specific audience.
Grows your audience quickly
Targets specific markets
Replaces landing page software

Active Self Paced Courses

You can't mindlessly click through (or skip through) active courses, they require the audience to engage and take action. This is why they are more effective!

Active Group Training

Active group training is good for daily exercises, weekly mastermind calls, or monthly projects (anything that's ongoing) to help build recurring subscriptions.

Active 1 on 1 Consulting

If someone falls behind and needs individual attention, or you want to offer a premium one on one training experience, you can quickly create private opportunities!
Give Positive Reinforcement
"I see you've been taking a lot of action inside! Keep up the good work. When you're ready you might want to [check this out] for more learning!
OFfer Coupons & Up-Sells
"Congratulations, you just finished my introductory course! Here's [a coupon] for 25% off any of my products or services! Enjoy!"
Create Private Opportunities
"You've been breezing through my courses! If it feels easy to you, I can create a private training opportunity to personally walk you through the harder stuff?