No matter your industry or aspiration, DOHQ has everything you'd expect

from the most engaging and actionable training platform on the planet

Stay in touch effortlessly

You can send and schedule emails, text your audience from your phone, stream live webinars, host video calls, hold interactive office hours, and stay in touch on the go

Share content that lives forever

Video content like presentations, slideshows, interviews, etc are great for on-boarding, informing, and warming up your audience to the active training that awaits them

Train everybody through action

Whether it's active self-paced courses, ongoing group training, or one on one training, it's all there, impossible for participants to miss on your clutter-free interface

You'll get your own private phone number to text for one way communication

If you want to update your audience, share feedback, or coach them along, all you have to do is text the private number, provided by us, and your messages will show up on your feed for all to see. If participants opt-in with their phone, they will be texted. Otherwise, they’ll get an email.
Text effortlessly on the go
Use email, webinars, and video calls
Engage people through live office hours

Build a library of content that delivers a movie-like experience for you 24/7

People like to click through content and consume it all at once, so let them. Your own personal library is the perfect way to do that while you establish familiarity, build trust, and deliver immediate value to your audience. It also informs them and warms them up to your training.
Let people consume at will
Make any content private or VIP
Deliver value and engage in perpetuity

Self-paced training

Use active, self-paced courses to deliver hands-off training your audience completes at their own pace

Ongoing group training

Use active, ongoing group training to deliver daily, weekly, or monthly training where people work together

1 on 1 training

Use active, 1 on 1 training to deliver personal, high-end training that requires trainer feedback to advance
"You guys are light years ahead of us and our competition in terms of creating a more engaging experience our customers asked us for all the time."
"I tried the demo, and I have to tell you, it's as simple and easy to understand as WIX is for websites. Thank you for making it easy for someone like me to use!"
older Trainer W/ no TECH skills
"This is the best platform for learning or training online. It's so easy to use, clean, beautiful with none of the clunky LMS junk you get on other platforms."
full time course creator

Use bird's eye monitoring for simple training management and quick

Every action taken inside your platform is recorded and organized. If you want, you can follow up with specific feedback, insight, or guidance to engage individual participants, deliver a more unique and memorable training experience, and influence participants skill development directly.
See who's taking action
Study what actions are being taken
Engage by providing individual feedback