It's easy to create a lasting impression with the DOHQ toolbox of features

All you need is to do is communicate, add content, and drive action

Email effortlessly

Forget every other email platform, this is smooth, slick, and easy to use. You can even schedule emails to send automatically in advance while you kick back.

Broadcast yourself instantly

Need to start a webinar, live class, presentation, update, or any other kind of streaming video communication? Go live in 2 clicks with DOHQ and auto-save the replays.

Text on the go to stay in touch

With DOHQ, you get your own private line to text whenever you need to communicate quickly with your audience. It will automatically trigger an email, too.
share audio and video

Add content to give your audience a Netflix like experience

Want to hold their attention, familiarize yourself right away, and build trust and loyalty over time? Give your audience engaging content to consume and let them go.
Share videos, audio, and live streams
Build a library of content over time
Use it to warm up your audience
The Cherry On Top

Increase engagement even more with low pressure incentives

You want to create a coupon, discount, or private learning opportunity to engage your audience even more? Or export and share data over social media? Or give your audience a time-sensitive opportunity to increase engagement? You can do it all with DOHQ.
Easily follow up, up-sell, and bundle
Give individual feedback and incentives
Increase the chances your audience acts
Like A Clubhouse

Organize everything you do from one easy to access place

You can customize your DOHQ, slap your own logo all over it, use your own custom domain (everything you would expect to be able to do, you can do with DOHQ).
Your brand
Your custom domain
Your audience's new headquarters

Create self-paced courses

You can't mindlessly click through (or skip through) active courses, they require the audience to engage and take action. This is why they are more effective!

Ongoing group training

Active group training is good for daily exercises, weekly mastermind calls, or monthly projects (anything that's ongoing) to help build recurring subscriptions.

And 1 on 1 opportunities

If someone falls behind and needs individual attention, or you want to offer a premium one on one training experience, you can quickly create private opportunities!
"You guys are light years ahead of us and our competition in terms of solving our customers problems they ask us about all the time."
"I just signed up for my sandbox trial and I have to tell you it’s as easy to use as WIX. Thank you for making it easy for someone like me to use!"
older guy W/ no internet skills
"This is the best platform to build a course in - so easy to use, clean, beautiful, and with none of the clunky LMS junk you get with other platforms."
full time course creator