Need more engagement?

Communicate, add content, drive action. Repeat.
For Entrepreneurship:

Active engagement will help you generate leads, sales, and lifelong customers

If you're a single or small group of entrepreneurs looking to create an active learning business or use active learning to educate, acquire, onboard, and/or retain your customer base, DOHQ makes it easy, won't waste your time, and will help you focus.
Engage your audience beyond courses
Increase leads, sales, and conversions
Acquire, develop, and retain customers
DOHQ for training customers→
For Employee Training:

Active engagement will onboard, train, and retain your employees
especially younger adults

You know the number one reason companies ditch their training software to look for a new one? Because they say it's not engaging enough! Outdated software won't capture the attention of a younger audience, train them effectively, and prevent them from "cheating."
DOHQ is built to engage employees
The training is active and stimulating
There's no way to cheat or skip through
DOHQ for training employees→