Engage, Retain, And Train Your Employees Faster Using DoHQ

Need More Action, Engagement, And Skill From Your Employees?
You Need Active Learning Software

Do You Want To Inspire Action, Skill Development, And Personal Growth From Each Employee?

Let’s be honest. If your employees can cheat to get through a passive, impersonal training course made by HR, they will. Action is the only way to make your education cheat-proof. Either they took the action to learn or they didn't. With DOHQ, employees can't cheat, skip through the content, or fly under your radar without developing practical skills.
Employees learn through action
You can give them a more personal experience
This results in more effective training and less turnover

Create Active Learning

Invite your employees to take actions that drive skill development, critical thinking, and practical results. Action is binary, they either took action or not.

Follow Up With Feedback

Quickly and easily provide feedback for your employees during their training. This creates a more personal, effective, and memorable learning experience.

Focus On Employee Growth

If an individual employee, or a specific group of employees falls behind, you can quickly adjust your active training to meet their unique needs.

You'll Have All The Tools You Need To Effortlessly Manage Your Employee Training

Need to send an email, start a webinar, or develop a new active learning opportunity in a matter of minutes? You can do that with DOHQ. Whether you're on-boarding new employees, creating a new team training, or trying to teach an older employee new tricks, you can do it with ease using this innovative employee training platform.
Engage regularly and effortlessly
Create and manage learning opportunities in minutes
Give your employees an engagement platform they can't ignore
The Personal Benefits:

You'll Save Time And Reduce Stress With DOHQ

Traditional training platforms are bulky, time consuming (both for you and your employees), and more complicated than they need to be. This results in more time required from you to develop content as well as more time from your employees to consume it.
DOHQ is all in one
Everything is easily accessible
It's actionable, alive, and easy to run