Are you frustrated by the shortcomings of traditional
online training platforms?

Do you want a more engaging and effective employee skill builder?

Create bite sized training

Ask them to take small, digestible actions that drive insights, skills, and improvements over time.

Force them to take action

Make the training binary. Make them create or produce something that puts their current skill level on the spot.

Improve their skills directly

Use feedback and follow up to address the individual and group needs of your team. Give one on one insight.

Create on-boarding training, ongoing training, and hands-on training that pivots instantly

It should takes minutes, not months to create new training
This way you can adapt to the ever changing needs of the marketplace
And your team will be more engaged, better trained, and more active

Lower your on-boarding, ongoing training, and employee retention costs

This training platform will work for you 24/7. You can create self-paced courses, ongoing group training, and one on one guided training that acts as your on-boarding and retention portal. All you need to do is send people there, communicate regularly, and keep the content up to date.
Spend less time training while getting better results
Create a platform that acts as your training portal
Send people there to train with or without you
The Personal Benefits:

Make a name for yourself while driving results for your team

You don't need any technical skills like coding or design to run this platform. It couldn't be easier to use, we built it to work around you (not create a second training job).
Learn DOHQ instantly
No need for extra or new training
Get up & running in minutes not months