Are You Trying To Build A Learning Business Online Using Passive & Outdated Software?

Get Higher Conversions, More Free Time,
And More Customers With DOHQ
Let's Get Real

Which Makes More Sense?

Spending weeks, if not months, building elaborate 100 hour video-modules that just sit there waiting for students to click through (skip through) before ending up in a Facebook community graveyard still asking for help?
There's no energy or excitement
It's not an effective way to train people
This is why passive learning is outdated
This Is More PRactical

Or Taking Action, Engaging, And Selling Right Away?

With DoHQ, even if you're starting from scratch, you have the option to get started in minutes, not months. Then all it takes is action! Not the kind of action that keeps you up at night and drives you nuts, but the kind that keeps you motivated, engaged, and interested in helping your audience grow.
They would look to you for help
You would stand out from your peers
Your customers would keep coming back

You'll Be Stuck On The Never Ending
Course Creating Hamster Wheel

This model requires you to reinvent the wheel for every new course
and start at zero at the beginning of every month.

You Want To Develop More Relationships,
Create New Learning Opportunities,
And Start A Fire In The Marketplace

This model allows you to engage your audience, grow products and services with them, and profit from the momentum.

80% Of People Selling Courses Don’t Make Enough Revenue To Cover Their Traditional Software Expenses!

The market is flooded with information
Students can study any topic they want for free
It's time to ask, "What are we going to do with all that information?"
It's Easier Than Building Courses!

Create Practical, Feedback-Driven, Active Learning Experiences

What does your audience need to "do" to learn the skill, competency, or training you're offering? Aren't there a series of actions they can take to master the skill? DoHQ allows you to focus on building flexible, engaging, and bite sized active learning experiences to bring your learning business to life with multiple streams of revenue, a variety of learning opportunities, and recurring customer relationships.
You can sell online active learning courses
Active, one on one training
Active group training
Private, customized training (also active)
And active subscriptions to generate recurring revenue

Each Action Is Binary

The student either takes the action or they don't. If they do, it's much easier to assess their skill level, adjust your training, and follow up to engage with your customers.

Each Action Is Bite Sized

Most people have an attention span less than 9 seconds (which is less than a goldfish). In this age of instant gratification, active learning holds their attention.

Each Action Sticks

Imagine a student takes a course from one of your competitors and clicks through it all. Then they come to you, and you make them act. Who will they remember?