Are you looking for a faster way to engage and train your employees?

DOHQ makes it easy

It's binary

They either take action or they don't

It's bite-sized

They learn in digestible chunks that help them focus

It's better

They develop faster through action and feedback

Use active self-paced courses, ongoing group training, and 1-1 training to build measurable skills

Self paced courses require no upkeep
Ongoing group training requires a little upkeep
One on one training requires the most amount of upkeep
It's fast & Flexible

Improve your employees' skills instantly

You can follow up with every action taken inside your DOHQ quickly to assess skill level, provide individual feedback, and actively drive employee skill development and success
Everything is recorded
Everything is easily accessible
Every employee can be engaged directly
It's better for Your bottom line

All while lowering your on-boarding, training, and retention costs

According to Gallup, millennial turnover in the U.S. costs the economy $30.5 Billion, and over 43% of millennials plan to leave their current job within the next 2 years. Millennials are 22x more likely to stay at a company they believe has a high-trust culture.  Want them to stay?
Deliver a more unique, actionable, and effective training experience
Give your employees a reason to train, engage, and grow
Create a more exciting and cost effective solution